Road trip video in US!

12 ao?t 2014

Between the 2 North American Enduro World Series, the Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team explored the best spots of Oregon and Washington states during an epic road trip.
3 weeks ago, the 2 team riders Rémy ABSALON and Thomas LAPEYRIE crossed the Atlantic Ocean for racing the North American EWS in Winter Park (Colorado - US) and Whistler (Canada). Between these 2 EWS stops, the team and their friends rode in Oregon and Washington states with local and excellent riders.
It was the opportunity for our riders to explore some of the best trails in this part of the world and discover the american way of life. 

A road trip in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere related in this I-phone movie. Enjoy!

Trip US-Canada 2014 - Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team from Rémy Absalon on Vimeo.

Definitely enduro is not just racing but also a state of mind - exploring the best trails of the world and sharing moments with other riders.

Keep going!

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