End of 2014 EWS adventure!

05 octobre 2014

The EWS tour ended this sunday with the incredible Super Enduro in Finale Ligure. Let's see how Rémy and Thomas rose to the challenge!

In this beginning of october, Finale Ligure - Italia - was the place to be for mountain bike lovers... Sea, trails and fun. All the best world riders were ready to fight to the finish and win the last stop of the Enduro Wolrd Series. With an incredible trail network, organizers decided to present a new course track with 6 new stages never ridden before in the last FinalEnduro editions. Riders rode from the mountains, deep in the forest, to the sea level in the middle of the mediterranean vegetation.
The results is 95km of fresh trails, descent totaling 2100m and liaisons that are entirely pedal powered with no uplift.

Day 1 - 4 stages - 50km - D-1100m -
After his new training method, Rémy was in a very good shape. Untortunately the bad luck continued and Rémy broke the rim causing a flat tire in stage 1. In spite of this incident, Rémy finished this run 10th. He kept this position during the 2 second stages with the apprehension to puncture again with a tube instead of tubeless. And what had to happen finally happened: he punctured again in stage 4 finishing 61th on the rim. He took the 19th place of the saturday race.

Thomas did well too and took respectively 18th, 22th, 19th and a great 8th place on the rocky stage 4. He was consistent all day long and took the 16th place of day 1.

Day 2 - 2 stages - 45km - D-1000m -
Rémy tried to save his broken wheel until the end and finish with 2 top 10. He went back up to the 14th place of the weekend.
Thomas started well with another top 20 in the stage 5 but he finally finished 17th of this round.

EWS#7 - Finale Ligure Ranking -
1st/ Fabien Barel - Canyon Factory Enduro Team - FRA
2nd/ Jared Graves - Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team - AUS
3rd/ Damien Oton - Devinci / Alltricks - FRA
14th/ Rémy Absalon - Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team - FRA
17th/ Thomas Lapeyrie - Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team - FRA

Meet Rémy and Thomas to the Roc d'Azur next weekend.
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