First races of the season

26 mars 2014

To get ready for the next big events, Rémy starts by 2 races the 2 last weekends:

EREC ENDURO THONNANCE - He win the EREC enduro of Thonnance-les-Joinville. “It was good to restart the season by an enduro near my house, riding with the friends. I felt good on my bike for the 1st race with the wish to push hard with my Genius LT”, said Rémy.
1st/ Rémy ABSALON
2nd/ Thomas HARTSTERN
3rd/ Jérémy ARNOULD

SUPERENDURO COGGIOLA – Rémy went to Italy for the opening of the Superenduro: an epic race in the mud and under the rain and a nice fight with the 2 Lupato brothers who were very fast on their own trails. Rémy finished 3rd just behind them. “Complicated to beat them in their village, they knew all the rocks of the trails, but it was very fun to try to follow them”, said Rémy.
1st/ Alex LUPATO
2nd/ Denny LUPATO
3rd/ Rémy ABSALON

Thomas Lapeyrie injured
Thomas begins the season with a big fall during the training. Result: a broken elbow which requires a month of immobilization. Thomas will have the time to dream about his new equipment. He will come back more motivated than ever. We wish him a good recovery!
Keep going!

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