10th Mega Victory for Absalon

29 novembre 2015

Four months after his win in Alpe d'huez, Rémy Absalon takes this weekend in Saint Paul his 10th Megavalanche victory. 

Rémy Absalon celebrated  in a beautiful way the 20th birthday of the Reunion Island Megavalanche taking the first place this Sunday.
Born in 1995 on the  "Intense island", Megavalanche stays one of the most famous MTB downhill marathon style race and Rémy is one of his regular pro riders with 6 victories here.

This year again Megavalanche hosted many pro riders like Thomas Lapeyrie (Sunn), Alexandre Cure (Rocky Mountain), Théo Galy (Devinci), Cédric Gracia (Santa Cruz) and many other Local riders as Christophe Payet (Scott), Alexandre Sicard (Devinci) and Timothé Neytard (Trek), ready to beat the Metropolitan and stranger riders.

The qualifying rounds took place on Saturday afternoon. This year, guys had the pleasure to return to basics with mass start qualifying groups in order to obtain their Sunday start line. In the first group, Rémy fought with Christophe Payet but finally crossed the line in first position. He could start on first line for the Sunday race.
The famous Reunion island Megavalanche started this Sunday from the top of the Maïdo - culminating at 2 205m - with 300 crazy riders ready to fight till the Indian Ocean!
Rémy didn't start very well - near the 7th position - but rode full throttle on the fast rocky lava to catch each rider. He finally passed Cédric Gracia and Alexandre Sicard who leaded the race. Cédric Gracia couldn't  fight longer because of a flat tire and Rémy kept going to make a 15" gap in the technical wet jungle. He could control his advance in the physical sugar cane fields to the end. After the last stony and dry trail of the seaside,  all under intense heat, Rémy crossed the line with another Megavalanche victory in 44'06.

General Classification -
1st/ Rémy ABSALON (SCOTT SR Suntour Enduro Team), 44'06"
2nd/ Alexandre SICARD (Devinci), 44'25"
3rd/ Théo GALY (Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro Racing), 44'32"
4th/ Christophe PAYET (Scott), 45'32"
5th/ Timothé NEYTARD (Trek), 46'01"

We are looking forward to seing you all next year for new adventures.

Keep going!

Photos by: Paul Humbert – Vojo Magazine

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